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Cost includes use of grounds, parking, and restrooms for a 5 hour event. Beginning after office hours 5:00 pm if applicable and ending by 10:00 pm Hours * Monday – Thursday: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM Set-up may begin as early as Monday- Thursday 4:00 PM Friday –Sunday 1 hr prior to event Rates are based on events with up to 200 guests There will be an added fee of $250.00 per each additional 50 guests Maximum of 300 guests per Rooftop Patio Maximum of 500 guests per Building Buyout Should the nature of an event be considered by ownership high impact ownership retains the right to increase the rates listed above as necessary. BEVERAGE SERVICE/ SMOKING/ DRUG CONSUMPTION: While alcohol consumption is allowed at the venue, Battery621 has specified several objectives that must be in place in order to grant permissions to such an event. Battery621 does not possess a liquor license. Should your event intend to serve alcohol, said event must be considered a PRIVATE event only. The Event must provide an individual designated to assign wrist bands and guests must RSVP prior to attending the event. Security must be on premises to establish control over the areas of storage, service, consumption, and possession of alcoholic beverage. Security will be provided by Battery621 and fees will be distributed to the Event accordingly. Alcohol may not be served to minors or anyone appearing to be intoxicated. The venue reserves the right to refuse or stop alcoholic beverage service to any individual or group at any time. The facility is required to enforce liquor laws as regulated by the state of Colorado. Any event serving alcoholic beverages must also provide adequate food service. Should the Event wish to obtain a temporary liquor license they must do so on their own expense and with written permission from Battery621 hereby known as the Venue. Should an event be considered profitable, Battery621 retains the right to request a percentage of sales to be added into the event fee. The Venue will provide a diagram of the area for which the permit will be issued. Event must demonstrate that all alcoholic beverages will remain within the proposed licensed area and that all other “private” alcohol beverages will NOT be brought onto the licensed area. The Event acknowledges that they are to be in full compliance with all local licensing authority regulations regarding the sale of malt, vinous, and spirituous liquors. All attendees must clearly identify that they are of age in order to consume alcoholic beverages. Additionally, security must be hired directly from Battery621 to ensure alcoholic beverages are to be sold and served for ON premises consumption only. So long as the Event upholds these stipulations previously listed, Battery621 also known as 621 LLC grants permission to the Event to serve alcohol. The Venue reserves the right to prohibit events providing only alcoholic beverage service should they feel these stipulations aren’t being appropriately regulated and fulfilled. Smoking and drug consumption of any kind is strictly prohibited. SECURITY Battery621 requires all event to have on-site security. The Venue will automatically include these fees in the final invoice at a rate of $40.00 per hour per security guard. Battery621 reserves the right to request additional security for any event in accordance with their assessment of risk. NOISE ORDINANCE Battery621 management welcomes the use of the venue within the specified Industrial-Light Zone noise ordinance. In order to be compliant with this ordinance Battery621 hosted events must adhere to the following rules: All special events in Denver featuring amplified sound must comply with the Denver Noise Ordinance. Mechanical sound and amplified sound (live entertainment and in-house audio systems) are regulated to 55 decibels dB(A) between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., and 50 dB(A) after 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. CEREMONY REHEARSAL: Battery621 management welcomes the use of the venue for an event rehearsal one day prior to an event. However, event rehearsal must be approved by Battery621 management and is sensitive to any other events that may be occurring. Additional charges are subject to ownership discretion and may be applied as deemed necessary. EVENT COORDINATOR: To ensure proper use and care of Battery621, we highly recommend that clients hire a qualified Event Coordinator to be responsible during the event. The Coordinator will maintain the client’s agenda for the rehearsal, ceremony and the reception. They will also serve in the capacity of decision-maker on behalf of the client in dealing with all vendors to include caterer, bar service, florist, entertainment, rentals, etc. and will collaborate with the Battery621 during the event. At the final review, approximately two weeks prior to the event, the client and/ or the coordinator will correspond with Battery621 Venue Manager to review the agenda, floor-plan, diagram, and establish a schedule for set-up deliveries, and breakdown of the event. The Coordinator is required to stay for the duration of the event. At the conclusion of the event, the Battery 621 Manager on Duty and the Coordinator will conduct a final walk-thru of the grounds to assess any possible damages or excessive clean-up that may have occurred during the event. The damage deposit or credit card on file will be handled as addressed in the deposit and security deposit section of this contract. Please note the Coordinator may not leave until the final walk-thru has been completed or the client will not receive the returned damage deposit check. PHOTOGRAPHY For promotional purposes, the Venue reserves the right to take a limited number of royalty-free photographs of the user’s activities in the Venue. Such photographs shall be the Venue’s sole and exclusive property for the full copyright term, and the Venue shall have the right to copy, exhibit, display, and otherwise exploit such photographs by any means and media throughout the world; provided, however, that the Venue shall have the sole responsibility for obtaining any third party clearances, release and consent necessary for the Venue’s use of such photographs. FURNITURE Battery621 requires clients and guests to use the facilities in a respectful manner. Protective accommodations may be required to prevent damage to these furnishings during events. Should clients wish to utilize interior or rooftop patio furniture, Battery621 may require rental. Furniture and all mobile amenities if rearranged must be returned to their original positions within the facility in a manner of care i.e. lifted, not dragged or damaged. If any amenities are damaged, Battery621 retains the right to retain the damage deposit on file and may request additional funds should the damage exceed this deposit. WEATHER CONDITIONS: For the safety of all involved, should hazardous weather occur, such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorm, hail, etc. property management reserves the right to mandate taking interior shelter. stop alcoholic beverage dispensation, and require bands or musicians to switch to acoustic entertainment only. For events originally limited to the Rooftop Patio the interior venue will be allotted to continue as a contingency plan. In all the above cases, the Battery building manager on duty of the event will make regular announcements to keep guests informed of the situation as well as the steps needed to be taken to ensure their safety. PARKING There is ample complimentary parking for all Battery621 event guests. Battery621 reserves Parking to the North of the adjacent building next door which are appropriately labeled, the surrounding area wrapping Battery621, and finally underneath the viaduct beneath 6th avenue. Cars left onsite should be identified and communicated with Battery621 building management. Battery621 is not responsible for any theft or damage to vehicles. Vehicles parked outside of Battery621 specified spots ticketed or towed are owner’s responsibility RENTAL DEPOSIT AND DAMAGE DEPOSIT The 50% rental deposit will be due upon your returning this signed and initialed rental agreement. The 50% deposit secures your event date and is non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason including natural disasters. The 50% balance of the rental fee is due no later than set-up prior to the event. A Damage deposit is a separate check that will be due at the final review, no later than 2 weeks prior to the event in the amount of $500.00. It will be returned to the Event Coordinator following the final walk-thru at the end of the event. Should a guest like to leave a credit card on file instead of a security deposit, they are welcome to do so. If there is any excessive clean-up or damage done to the property as a result of the event specified above, the security deposit and or credit card amounting in a $500.00 damage deposit will be applied towards any needed repairs. TENTS AND RENTALS: Tents and other rentals are not included in the rental fee. Should a guest wish to rent a tent, AV equipment, furniture, draping, etc. they may request a separate proposal from the venue or are otherwise welcome to bring in an outside vendor upon a time agreeable with building management. VENDORS It is required that all pre-approved event coordinators, caterers, and bar services provide the appropriate license and insurance documentation prior to the final review. All vendors and service contractors are responsible for the cleanup and removal of their event equipment, food, bar supplies, and garbage within two hours of the event conclusion. No items may be left at the venue overnight unless approved by building management. If guests don’t have someone in mind for vendors, etc. guests are encouraged to speak with building management regarding event coordinators, catering, rentals, etc. as Battery621 houses relationships with many highly recommended local businesses that meet the above. RENTAL AGREEMENT Both parties may alter no part of the rental contract or terms and conditions without agreement, nor may it be transferred or sublet by the Renter. Full payment must be received no later than during set-up prior to the scheduled event. Your event date will be reserved upon receipt of this contract the terms and conditions page and the non-refundable 50% deposit.