The original building structure, harboring over 30,000 square feet of usable space, had been sitting vacant on the corner of 6th Avenue and Kalamath for over 5 years. Located just around the corner from Denver Santa Fe Arts District and sitting on one of the busiest intersections in Denver, it was a great opportunity awaiting its next incarnation. The location and building were acting as a perfect "gateway" to Denver and the mountains. Tens of thousands of people passed by on a daily basis coming into Denver, and tens of thousands more passed it again as they headed west to experience Colorado's countless recreation opportunities.

Battery 621 began as a collaborative and creative workspace expanding truly from the grass roots. Quickly realizing our 2700 sq ft rooftop patio and 2000 sq ft + of internal common space was ideal for curating a variety of opportunities. As we grew, event space, conference rooms, a studio space, we continued to develop as a more eclectic place to work.  Our panoramic views of the city skyline and  the rocky mountains became not just a place to work but a place we felt at home.

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